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A Little Bit Strange

Title: A Little Bit Strange
Rating: PG
Word: 500
Disclaimer: These characters belong to Marvel, I just play with them a bit
Characters: Thor, Doctor Stephen Strange, and Shuma Gorath
Plot: Doctor Strange goes christmas shopping and bumps into a certain Asgardian.
A/N: My first Superhero fic. Be kind.

Doctor Stephen Strange used to be an ordinary surgeon who could fix anybody, until one fateful night when he got into a car crash that smashed both of his hands. Months of surgeries and rehabilitation couldn't give full feeling back to his hands Until one day, he heard about a monastery in Tibet who could work miracles. So off he goes to Tibet, where he meets with The Old One who teaches him how to not only use his hands again but to bend time to his will and become a man with mystical powers. However, even superheros still need to buy Christmas presents.

One afternoon in the middle of December, Doctor Stephen Strange was at Macy's Department Store looking at scarfs to buy for Doctor Christine Palmer. When all of a sudden, he looks up and sees a familiar looking man in the Hardware section.

“Thor? Thor!” Stephan shouts from across the room.

“Stephan!” Thor shouts back. Then Thor comes over to Stephan.

Just as they were about to say more, a Shuma-Gorath bursts through the window and starts grabbing people with his tentacles. Thor then smashes his hammer on the ground while Doctor Strange starts bringing people to safety. But the Shuma-Gorath doesn't even move an inch! Thor then tried lifting him and throwing him out the window he just came from, but even for Thor he was too heavy. The last thing Thor tries is channeling his weather powers. The sky goes dark, it starts to rain and lighting strikes but it missed the Shuma-Gorath. Finally, after everyone else is in safety, Doctor Strange conjures up a portal behind the Shuma-Gorath and at the same time he and Thor kick and punch him as hard as they could (Thor even used his hammer) until he falls back into the portal that leads to the center of a volcano and Doctor Strange closes the portal back up again. Saving the world once again!

“Phew that was a close one!” Thor says out of breath.

“Tell me about it!” Doctor Strange replies.

“You alright?” Thor asks.

“Yeah, you?” Doctor Strange replies.

“Yep, everything intact.” Thor answers.

“Everyone alright?” Doctor Strange asks what's left of the witnesses. Everyone nods their head yes.

After Doctor Strange checks everyone out to make sure no one got hurt, the people leave and Macy's is closed down for 24 hours.

On the way out, Doctor Strange asks Thor,

“Isn't there ever a normal day anymore in this city”

“You're kidding right?” Thor answers.

“Well until the next attack.” Doctor Strange says, and they both shakes hands and go their separate ways.



Christmas at the Swans

Title: Christmas at the Swans
Author: Glofigs
Rating: K+
Words: 508
Fandom: Once Upon A Time
Characters: Emma Swan and Killian Jones AKA Hook
Plot: It's Christmas morning at Emma and Killian's.
AN: This time told from Emma's POV. This is a fluffy CS birthday treat for a dear friend of mine.

December 25, 2016, I can't believe all that has happened in a year. As I open my eyes this Christmas Morning, I see my beloved sleeping next to me, one hand on his forehead, and his hook on his chest. He looks so peaceful. Since Henry is spending Christmas with Regina this year the house is so quiet and serene. I roll over and check the clock by my bedside it''s 10:45. Wow! We wasted the whole morning. This is the one day a year it seems when Evil takes a break from scheming. I roll back over to Killian and shake him gently

“Killian, wake up.” Killian opens his eyes and turns towards me.

“ Merry Christmas Swan!” Then Killian sits up with his bare chest showing.

“Shall we go unwrap some presents?” I gleefully ask.

“Swan,before go downstairs, I have one little present here I would like to give you.” He reaches underneath his pillow and pulls out a little black box.

“Oh my god!” I exclaim.

“Calm down. Don't worry Swan I am not going to propose.” I look at him unsure.
“Just open it.” He says. So I do and they are the most beautiful pair of earrings I have ever seen! In the middle is a pink rose color gem with white diamonds all around it.

“Oh Killian!” I exclaim and wrap my arms around him in a big embrace. Kissing him all over and never wanting to let him go.

“Now Swan, didn't you say something about presents downstairs?” Killian asks winking.

We both get out of bed, into our robes and run downstairs like we are kids again.

Once we arrived downstairs, we saw a Labrador puppy laying on the sofa.

“What the hell?”

“What the bloody hell?” Killian and I say at the same time. Then we see the note, which reads, 'We thought you could use something fluffy and warm. Love always, Mom and Dad'.

“I can't believe they did that.” and as soon as I looked at Killian he had the biggest grin on his face! I have never seen him look so excited. He picks up the dog right away and starts stroking it with the back of his hook.

“Ok, I know nothing can top your gift or my parents, but...” Killian reluctantly puts the puppy down and I give him his gift.

“A new leather jacket!” He exclaims. Then he takes his robe off and puts the new jacket on, on top of his naked body. Then he leans over and gives me a long lingering kiss. Which then turns into something much more.


Something Rotten with Falsettos

Something Rotten With Falsettos

Title: Something Rotten With Falsettos
Author: Glofigs
Fandom: Something Rotten and Falsettos
Characters: Marvin, That Bard Shakespeare, Isabella the Soothsayer, and Clarence a random guy
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 300
Spoilers: Only for Falsettos
Disclaimers: I do not own these characters, they are all Willian Finn's, James Lapine, and the Kirkpatrick brothers
Summary: Shakespeare likes Nick Bottom's idea of seeing a soothsayer, so he summons one, and she shows him Marvin.
A/N: This is just a little idea I had while going through the Christian Borle tags on Tumblr.
“Ugh! It's so bloody hard being me. Ever since Nick left, who will I steal from now? Wait a tick! Nick! That's it! He went to see a bloody soothsayer to see what the next big hit will be. So, maybe that is what I should do? You there! In the fluffy hat and tight trousers? What is your name again?” I shout at the first bloke I see.

“Clarence sir” He replies.

“Clarence? What kind of bloody name is that? Anyway, go fetch me a soothsayer, any soothsayer.” I order.

“Yes, oh Lord Bard” He stammers.
“Oh stop it, oh go on then” I fake humble.


An hour later, Whats his name brought in a female soothsayer, oh I can totally work with that, in my bed!! See what I did? Oh right, no one can here me, its all in my head. So, I walk over to her, but just then someone steps forward.

“Oh, great one” Someone says “This is the soothsayer you requested” and then he bows.

“Oh heelllllo. What's your name darling?” I smoothly ask.

“I am the Great Isabella. You summoned me to see your future hmm? I will warn you Will, it will be not pretty” She cautions.

“Egad! No, I can do this. I need to know, go on love” I resolve.

Suddenly, Isabella conjures up a chap that looks just like me, but older and more weary. Then the lad speaks

“In the future you will have a wife and child. Everything will be happy and peaceful, until it all falls apart. But then, you will fall in love with a man named Whizzer, and so you then leave your wife and child to be with him. Your relationship will be pestilential and on and off for quite some time. Until he sadly dies from a new disease called AIDS, and you are heartbroken. But then you decide to help mend your broken heart, you write a show about your experiences.” He finishes. There is a pause and then I say

“So in other words, I would have to suffer quite a bit, to create my next big play? What the hell!? No no no, that will not do. I think its time for me to venture off on my own and see what Shakespeare's next big hit will be!” So, I grab a disguise and go in search for Nostradamus.


Date Night

Date Night
Title: Date Night
Author: Glofigs
Words: 475
Fandom: Gilmore Girls
Characters: Luke, Lorelei, and Misc Customers
Plot: Luke and Lorelai are suppose to have date night, but Luke is working late at the diner.
Warning: There are no spoilers.
A/N: Just a fun, cute little ficlet in my birthday series. Thanks as always to my beautiful beta.

It was a typical day for Luke Danes at his diner Luke's. He was just about to close when a group of 9 teens came in. Oh crap! He thought. So, he goes over to the teens and hands them menus, then he goes over to the phone and calls his girlfriend Lorelei Gilmore.

“Lorelei, hey, so I am going to have to postpone our date tonight. A big group just came in and it doesn't seem like they are going to be quick. Yeah. Sorry baby” Luke hangs up the phone. Why did those kids have to come in on tonight of all nights. Luke thought. When the kids looked like they were ready to order, Luke walks over to them to take their order.

“What can I get you guys?” Luke asks the table.

When everyone gave their order: The girls ordered only a water and salad, boys; burger and fries. Luke went back to the kitchen to get them ready.

After about an hour and a half, those punks finally left, and just when Luke was about to lock the door, he see Lorelei with a picnic basket and a bottle of wine in her hands. So he open the door for her, and then lock it and turn the sign around to “Closed” so there wouldn't be any interruptions.

“Babe! What are you doing here?” Luke wonders with a shocked expression.

“Well, I figured that since you couldn't go on the date, then I would bring the date to you.” Lorelei answers.

“Wow! You are the best! I love you!” Luke replies happily.

And with that they embrace each other and start making out.

When enough time has past, they let go of each other and start setting one of the empty tables.

“What have we got here?”

“We've got..... a french delicacy called grilled cheese, with all sorts of fruit and fries and for dessert two slices because you know I'm not sharing, of Oreo cream cheese pie”

“Wow! What a treat!” and then Luke kisses her again.

“So, how did it go today?”

“ugh! If I never see another teenager it will be too soon”

“Haha I get that”

“But while we are at it, there is something I have been meaning to ask you, and now seems like a more perfect time than any. Lorelei Gilmore, Will you marry me?”

“oh, wow, Luke! This is a big step, and it requires a lot to think about and digest. So my answer is.... Yes! Yes Luke, I would love to marry you! I love you!”

So, they touched lips again, and moved from the table to the kitchen, to the back office, ripping each others close off and celebrating their big news!


A Very Psych Wedding Part 6 (Final Act)


Title: A Very Psych Wedding ACT 6
Author: Glofigs
Fandom: Psych
Characters: Shawn, Jules, Gus, Lassie, Henry, Chief Karen Vick, OC Gus' Girlfriend Maggie, and Misc suspects and characters.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 880
Spoilers: Takes place two years after the Series finale
Disclaimers: The characters are not mine. They are Steve Frank's. Only the story is mine.
Summary: Lassiter gets transferred to San Fran, where Shawn and Jules are engaged. Its the week of their wedding, but something happens and before they know it the team is back together solving the case of the murdered wedding planner.
A/N: Told from Shawn's POV

The day has finally arrived. My wedding day. I can't believe that with all that has happened this week, it is finally here. Just then, I hear a knock at the door. It was Gus and dad dressed in all of their wedding finery.

“You all set shawn?” Gus asked.

“Ready to do this kid?” Pop questions.

“You betcha! Let's do this!” and Gus and I do our fist pump, while dad rolls his eyes.

“Shawn, before we head out to the church, there is something I want to talk to you about.” Gus says.

“Oh wow buddy this sounds serious. Um, dad, we will meet you in the limo” I instruct.

“Ok.” Dad replies.

“What's up buddy? Everything ok?” I ask.

“Yeah, with this whole week and the wedding planning and you getting married, it got me thinking. I think I am really ready to settle down with Maggie. I am 100% sure that she is the one. I want what you and Jules have and I think I can have that with Maggie. So, I think I am ready to propose” Gus declares.

“Oh dude!! That is fantastic! Hug?” I reply excitedly.

“You know it! How we do!” Then we embrace with a hug longer than last night's and just for old time sake end on a fist bump.

“Ok now lets get you married” Gus says, patting me on the back.

“Booyah!' I answer.

We get to the church with 2 minutes to spare and we rush to the front. The music starts and down walks my beautiful bride. As she walks down the aisle to Canon and D, it brings me back to all of the special moments we have had over the years. To her first day at the police station in Santa Barbara, to saving each other from various psychos, to this moment right here. My favorite moment of all time. Nothing can top this moment.

“Do you Shawn Spencer, take this woman, Detective Juliet O'Hara, to be your lawfully wedded wife, To have and to hold from this day forward for as long as you both shall live.?” The priest asks.

“You bet your ass I do! I mean yes, I do.” I reply trying to play it cool.

“And do you Detective Juliet O'Hara, take this man, Shawn Spencer, to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day forward for as long as you both shall live?” The priest asks Jules.

“I sure do.” Jules answers.

“Then by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you Husband and Wife. You may kiss the bride.” The priest proclaims.

and what a kiss it was!!! One for the record books! Truly epic! Right up there next to the Princess Bride. Truly magical.

At the reception it was party time! Dancing all night long! When all of a sudden Jules pulls me aside.

“Shawn, there is something I have to tell you, and with the whole Sally investigation and the wedding prep I never got a chance until now.” Jules starts.

“What is it jules? You know you can always tell me anything” I say, concerned.

“I know. I went to the doctor the other day because I thought I was getting sick, and thats all I needed right? Was to be sick on my wedding day, and as it turns out, I'm pregnant. We are going to have a baby Shawn.” Jules gets out with tears streaming down her face.

I don't know what to say, I am shocked but at the same time thrilled .

“Shawn, please say something.” Jules begs.

“Oh, um, wow! I don't know what to say, except how happy I am at this very moment! That is great news! I am going to be a father! Wow!” and before either one of us could say anymore, I grab her and kiss her hard because there is nothing else to say. After a few more minutes of “alone time”, we head back into the reception hall where we see Gus stand up with a microphone in his hand.

“Attention, everyone. I have something I would like to say to my lady Maggie. Maggie, from the first moment I met you, and I used my usual pick up line, you know the one 'Did you hear about pluto? That's messed up' and you actually laughed! I knew right then, that you were a keeper. You are the one for me, and I never want to let you go. So, I ask you, Maggie Elizabeth Dawson, Will you do me the great honor of being my wife?”

“Yes! Of course I will marry you, you big doofus!” A voice says from the back of the room. So, Gus puts the mic down, runs over to his lady and they embrace.

Ahh love. It seems to be in the air. This is truly the most epic day. My best friend is getting married, I'm going to be a daddy. Could this day get any better? Well, maybe if there was popcorn and candy raining from the sky.


A Very Psych Wedding Part 5


Title: A Very Psych Wedding ACT 5
Author: Glofigs
Fandom: Psych
Characters: Shawn, Jules, Gus, Lassie, Henry, Chief Karen Vick, OC Gus' Girlfriend Maggie, and Misc suspects and characters.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 896
Spoilers: Takes place two years after the Series finale
Disclaimers: The characters are not mine. They are Steve Frank's. Only the story is mine.
Summary: Lassiter gets transferred to San Fran, where Shawn and Jules are engaged. Its the week of their wedding, but something happens and before they know it the team is back together solving the case of the murdered wedding planner.
A/N: Told from Shawn's POV

After a lot of convincing, Lassiter and Marlowe finally agreed for Marlowe to go undercover for us. So, the next day we all meet in front of the Crowley's Cupcakes building, where Marlowe is dressed to seduce (much to Lassie's dismay).

“Ok, let's go over the plan. It's very simple, Marlowe will be wearing this dragonfly barrette which is really a recording device in her hair. As soon as we get a confession we are going in and arresting that bastard! Everyone ready?” The chief asks

“Ready!” Jules answers enthusiastically.

“Ready” Gus repeats

Ready!” Marlowe says next.

“You betcha” I reply.

“Lassitar?” The Chief asks, turning to Lassie.

“yeah yeah, I am ready.” Lassie mocks.

An hour later, we hear over the recording device,

“Yeah, I killed her. She was the love of my life! And it was just a job to her! I mean't nothing to her! So, I got so angry that I killed her with my bare hands in the Omundson Bar, where we were meeting after her shift. Afterwards, I got so freaked out that I didn't know what to do, so I dumped the body out back. I mean she tried to break it off with me! with me? Can you believe that? The nerve of that vixen!”

“Ok I have heard enough, we are going in. Mr. Spencer and Mr. Guster, stay here.” Chief orders.

“Aww come on!” I shout.

Stay!” Chief repeats.

15 minutes later everyone comes out, Sam with his hands behind his back in handcuffs.

“well, another successful case closed, eh lassie?” I say putting my arm around his shoulders.

“Get off me Spencer!” He replies.

“Ok, I think we all have a rehearsal to get to! Lassiter and I will drop off Mr. Jared in one of our lovely cells, and we'll meet you there.” the chief directs Then I turn to jules and say

“Well, Future Mrs. Spencer-O'Hara, shall we get fake married and then real married tomorrow?”

“You betcha” She replies

After an uneventful and smooth rehearsal, we head to the rehearsal dinner at a lovely restaurant called “Dule”. During a delicious dinner of Roasted Chicken with sun dried tomato and garlic sauce, a side of roasted rosemary potato, and lots of drinks. The time has come for the speeches. First up is Chief Karen Vick.

“When I first met Shawn Spencer and Det. Juliet O'Hara, I thought She would be one of the best detectives I'd ever known and I thought he was an idiot! But then I got to know the both of them, and I knew that I was completely right about her, and completely wrong about him. Seeing you two together here tonight, the way you compliment each other and look out for each other. It is a love that will always shine. To Shawn and O'Hara. May you live an long and happy life as husband and wife”

Next up is the Maid of Honor, Marlowe.

“I know I haven't known Shawn and Juliet for very long, but I already feel like we have known each other forever. They saved my wedding. I know I speak for Carlton and I when I say, May you two be as blessed and happy as we are. So let's raise our glass to the happy couple!”

So, we all raise our glasses say those famous words “Here! Here!” and clink each other's flutes just like you see in the movies.

The last person to come up was the Best Man, my best friend Burton Guster.

“What can I say about my best friend Shawn Spencer and his lovely bride Juliet? Shawn, we have known each other since we were kids, You were always getting me in trouble, especially with your dad. Even into our adulthood, You were always my partner in crime, and then we started Psych together and I became not only your partner in crime, but your business partner as well. But now my friend, you found a new partner in crime in Juliet. Juliet, who is great! There is no one better or more perfect for Shawn than you Juliet. You even keep my best friend out of trouble when you can. I have never seen Shawn so happy as he is when he is with you. Ok, I will wrap this up, before I start boring you all and I start to cry! I will just end by saying, to Juliet and Shawn, may your love grow more and more with each day you spend with each other. I love you both very much and I can't wait to see what adventures await us, I mean you, on this long and happy road you are about to embark on. To Shawn and Jules!”

So with tears streaming down my face, I get up, walk over to Gus and give him the biggest, longest hug, whispering in his ear.

“I love you buddy.”

When we finally let go of each other I say,

“Well, that was touching and embarrassing. Thank you Gus for those kind words, and now dessert time!! Yeah!”

Gus and I go back to our seats and dig into our Snickers Pie with the side of Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream.


A Very Psych Wedding Part 4


Title: A Very Psych Wedding ACT 4
Author: Glofigs
Fandom: Psych
Characters: Shawn, Jules, Gus, Lassie, Henry, Chief Karen Vick, OC Gus' Girlfriend Maggie, and Misc suspects and characters.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 970
Spoilers: Takes place two years after the Series finale
Disclaimers: The characters are not mine. They are Steve Frank's. Only the story is mine.
Summary: Lassiter gets transferred to San Fran, where Shawn and Jules are engaged. Its the week of their wedding, but something happens and before they know it the team is back together solving the case of the murdered wedding planner.
A/N: Told from Shawn's POV

Later the next day, Gus, Pops, Chief Vick, and I are standing behind the glass, watching Lassister and Jules interrogate Sam Jared unsuccessfully. After a few minutes they both come back out of the interrogation room.

“Phew that is a tough nut to crack” Lassiter comments while wiping the dripping sweat off of his forehead.

“Maybe Gus and I should give it a try. We have a more familiar face, we might be able to break him.” I say. Then Gus and I give each other a look, knowing that he would recognize us from the club.

“Well, its worth a try, Go on Mr. Guster, Mr. Spencer.” The Chief agrees. So we go into the room with our “good cop, bad cop” act and say

“Well, well, well, what have we here?” I ask. I've always wanted to say that.

“A killa killa” Gus replies.

“Hey! What a minute! I am no killer!” Sam shouts.

“Yeah, yeah, likely story.” Gus says, trying to sound tough.

“Say! Don't I know you guys?” Sam asks.

“We just have those kind of faces, I guess.” I answer him .Then Sam's tone lowers to a whisper and he says,

“Did you ever call that number? What did I tell you? Incredible!”

“He doesn't know anything!” I shout with my fingers on my temples.

“Ok, this is getting us nowhere. O'Hara get him out of here. Mr. Spencer and Guster, you're done for today.” Chief says over the intercom.
As we are exiting the police station, dad says to me laughing,

“So son, you were a real Perry Mason in there.” Then he adds,

“Now lets do something we know you are good at, Bachelor party!”

“And where would that be pops?” I inquire.

“You'll see” Both Gus and pops say at the same time. Creepy!

all of a sudden dad whispers in my ear,

“Don't worry, Lassie will meet up with us after he finishes up some paperwork.”

Then they both jump on me and put a bag over my head, leading me to an unknown place.

Before I know it I hear and smell rushing salt water and feel the wind in my hair, so I say

“Are we on a Ferry? Oh my god! We are going to Alcatraz aren't we?!” I almost squeal.

“Very good Shawn.” Dad replies sarcastically.

The ferry pulls up to the prison, Gus and Pop take the bag off my head and when I see that my suspicions were correct, I jump around like a little kid on christmas, I am so excited! When we get to the entrance Lassie is already there.

“What took you guys so long?” Lassie asks.

“Ha ha , yeah yeah Lassie, you are a real Barry Allen after he became The Flash” I answer. The rest of the tour was so fascinating.

The next and last stop was at a nightclub called “Temple”. It has dragons, lights, awesome beats, and so many cool technics. After we got a few dances in a thought hits me. He was lying! Sam Jared was lying! He was playing us! What the hell! So I run over to Lassie who is at the bar getting us another round of drinks But before I get to him Dad stops me. Now is not the time for married fatherly advice.

“Listen son, tomorrow is the rehearsal dinner and then The Big Day , so I won't get another chance to say this. I am really proud of you son, and I know your mother and I am not exactly the perfect role models for a successful marriage but I just want to give you a little piece of fatherly advice. Find the right formula that works for you guys and stick with it, and never ever let her go. I just wanted to tell you that.”

“Thank you pops!” and we give each other a big awkward hug and he leaves to go join Gus on the dance floor. Finally, I make my way to Lassie.

“Lassie! I just had a psychic flash! Sam Jared was lying! He played us today. The markings on Sally's neck had one finger missing right? Well, I noticed that Sam wore gloves and the material on the one of the fingers was loose, like there wasn't anything in there. Both handprints match. He may have acted cool but his right foot was shaking, which is known to be a nervous habit.” I explain.

“I'll call The Chief and You'll call O'Hara” Lassie instructs.

So I take my phone out and call Jules

“Jules! First, how's it going? Second, I just had a thought...” and then I tell her what I just told Lassie.

“Ok, here is what we are going to do. Since interrogation didn't work, we need someone to go under cover and try and seduce the truth out of him. It can't be me because he knows who I am. I got it! Marlowe! The trick is getting both Marlowe and Lassie to agree. Tonight, work on Lassie, and I am going to work on Marlowe. We will go in tomorrow before the wedding rehearsal.” Jules instructs.

“Roger that!'” I answer.

So, I walk over to Lassie and I say

“I just talked to Jules and she had the perfect solution to getting through to Sam Jared”

“Two gun barrels cocked to his crotch?” Lassie reply.

“No, and that is terrifying. It truly is the perfect plan, but I need your corporation here buddy...” and bracing for a Lassie freak out and refusal a explained Jules's plan to him.


A Very Psych Wedding Part 3


Title: A Very Psych Wedding ACT 3
Author: Glofigs
Fandom: Psych
Characters: Shawn, Jules, Gus, Lassie, Henry, Chief Karen Vick, OC Gus' Girlfriend Maggie, Buzz Mcnab, and Misc suspects
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1003
Spoilers: Takes place two years after the Series finale
Disclaimers: The characters are not mine. They are Steve Frank's. Only the story is mine.
Summary: Lassiter gets transferred to San Fran, where Shawn and Jules are engaged. Its the week of their wedding, but something happens and before they know it the team is back together solving the case of the murdered wedding planner.
A/N: Told from Shawn's POV

The next morning, in the Psych office, we go to the website on the card that Sam Jared gave us and we here porn music coming out of the speakers and skimpy body parts everywhere! Then we here a voice over say, “Are you feeling lonely? Do you spend night after night eating old takeout by yourself? One of our agents is awaiting your call. Here at Crowley’s Cupcakes we keep you company in ways you have never even thought of. For only $49.99 an night, you will never be lonely again. So call or apply online now for a night you will never forget”

“Wow! Who knew? You think you know somebody.” Gus speaks first.

“I think its time we see the chief.” I say.

“Right, and don’t forget we have to pick up your dad tonight. His flight gets in at 9pm.” Gus reminds me.

“Gus, come on! This is me you are talking to.” I reply.

“Yeah, I know.” Gus answers rolling his eyes.
At the Police Station, I go into my psychic act and tell Lassie, Jules, and Chief Vick what I have found out.

“It seems there was more to this Sally then what it appears. Lassiter and O'Hara, go to this Crowley's headquarters and interview the other employees, see which were her highest paid. As for you Mr. Spencer and Mr. Burton, go with them and see if you vibe on anyone or anything. Oh, and Mr. Spencer and O'Hara, stay behind a moment. I would like to speak to you two” The Chief instructs.

“Ok” Jules and I say at the same time.

First I want to start by saying, sorry to hear about your wedding planner, I dabble in such things, so if you need someone to take over. I will be happy to step in and help.” The Chief offers. Jules and I look at each other.

“Oh, thank you Chief, that is very kind of you.” I reply.

“Yes, very thoughtful.” Jules agrees.

“Wonderful! We can talk about it more tomorrow at your Bachelorette Party O'Hara.” The Chief says.

“Oh, great. Was there anything else chief?” Jules asks.

“No that will be all, you're both dismissed.” The Chief answers. And with that, we both leave her office.

At Crowley's Headquarters, Jules and Lassie are talking to the other employees about Trixie, aka Sally, when one of them hands Jules a list of Sally's clients.

“Dude, whose name do you see the most on that list?” I ask Gus.

“A one Mr. Sam Jared, the very person who talked up this place to begin with.” Gus observes.

“I sense something!!!!” Then I spin around, hop on one foot and say “I sense that there is a client that is on that list more than any other person!” I shout.

“Yes, Mr. Sam Jared, he's a big time lawyer. He was in love with Trixie, but Trixie didn't feel the same. It was only a job to her but to Sam it was love” Sally's coworker Emma explains.

“ Ok, lets go find this Sam Jared.” Lassie says.

And we all leave the building.
Back at the Psych office, Gus and I were getting some work done, ok he was getting some work done, I was playing a game on my computer when the phone rings.

“Good Afternoon, Psych office, how may we solve your murder today?” I greet.

Mr. Spencer! It's the chief. I was thinking, wouldn't water lilies look lovely as centerpieces?” The chief suggests.

“Yes Chief, but aren't you going to talk to Juliet about this at the Bachelorette party tomorrow?” I say.

“I know, but I just had a thought. I'm gonna call O'Hara right now and tell her my idea!” Chief answers.

Ten minutes later, the phone rings again

“I just had another thought Mr. Spencer. What if the Groomsmen wore pink and Red, and the violins could play final countdown as they come down the aisle? Yeah, love that idea.” And she hangs up again.

Another ten minutes goes by and the phone rings again.

“Mr. Spencer, one more thing, the bride and bridesmaids could wear tiaras!” and the phone clicks off for the third time.

Fifteen minutes go by and the phone rings for the hopefully last time.

“Shawn! What are we going to do about the Chief? She is driving me crazy! She is calling every 10 minutes!” Jules exclaims.

“You too huh? “ I reply.
At the airport, Gus and I are awaiting my father's arrival when we see a bald head, a red Hawaiian shirt, and a brown roller suitcase coming our way.

“Dad!” I shout from across the room.

“Shawn! And Guster!” Dad shouts back and hugs us both.

“How was your flight Pops?” I ask .

“It was fine, although they put me next to this guy who was the loudest snorer! It was awful!” Dad complains.

“Ah, that's too bad pops.” I say.

“So are you ready to do this thing kid? Pop asks.

“You mean my wedding dad? Yeah. I am pretty sure. Juliet is the one. I want to spend the rest of my life with her.” I answer.

“well, that's good son. I was hoping you would say that. Now get ready for some wild times tomorrow.” Pop teases.

“And what time would that be pops?” I ask.

“I am not telling. You will just have to see. It's part of the surprise. Pretty soon Shawn you will be an old married man, with an old ball and chain. Good luck son.” Dad says, busting me and slapping me on the back.

“Gee thanks pops” I reply, and with that we all get in the car and drive back to the house.


A Very Psych Wedding Part 2



Title: A Very Psych Wedding ACT 2
Author: Glofigs
Fandom: Psych
Characters: Shawn, Jules, Gus, Lassie, Henry, Chief Karen Vick, OC Gus' Girlfriend Maggie, Buzz Mcnab, and Misc suspects
Rating: PG
Word Count:
Spoilers: Takes place two years after the Series finale
Disclaimers: The characters are not mine. They are Steve Frank's. Only the story is mine.
Summary: Lassister gets transferred to San Fran, where Shawn and Jules are engaged. Its the week of their wedding, but something happens and before they know it the team is back together solving the case of the murdered wedding planner.
A/N: Told from Shawn's POV

Back at the Psych office 2.0, I Skyped my dad to see if he could help us with the case. He took over the old Psych office in Santa Barbra and turned it into a Detective Training Academy.

“Hey Shawn!” Dad greets.

“Hiya Pop! The place looks great! But Dad! What happened to my Popcorn and Gumball Machines?” I notice.

“Shawn, you know there is no room, or necessity to have a Popcorn Machine or a Gumball Machine in this office.” Dad explains.

“You know there is always a need. Anyway, the reason I am calling is, I have this case I am working on, my wedding planner was murdered.” I tell him.

“Only you Shawn. go on” Dad urges.

“Her body was found at the back of this seedy bar, which doesn't make any sense since the woman herself was very ritzy and flashy. We found her bracelet in one of the back rooms of the bar so there is definitely sign of a struggle.” I describe.

“There is always more to people then what you see on the surface. Clearly this woman was into more than just wedding planning. Ask around, talk to the people at the bar, her friends, other clients etc. See if they know anything.” Dad advises.

“See, this is why, you da man pop! All other detectives could suck it! Thanks oh father of mine” I say.

“You're welcome. Oh and Shawn? Don't screw this up. I will see you in a few days.” Dad answers.

Then my dad clicks off and all I am left with is a black screen. Just then Gus walks in “Hey buddy, so I just got off the phone with my dad and he gave us some great intel on where to start. So turn right back around cause we're going drinkin!”


At the Omundson Bar, dressed in all of our bar hopping finery, looking like Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn in Swingers. “Dude, we are so money right now.”

“You know that's right.” Gus answers, and we fist pump.

“Ok, lets start with the bartender and work our way around to the back office.” I instruct.

“Let's do this!” Gus replies, and we high five.

“Hello Bartender lady, My name is Shawn Spencer and this is my associate Sammy Apple-bottom and we would like two drinks and a minute of your time. Have you've seen this woman?” I show the bartender a photo of Sally, taken from her website.

“Yeah that's Trixie Malone, she is in her all the time. She really racks up the clients you know. Men love her.” The bartender answers.

“Clients? You mean for her wedding planning business?” I say a little confused.

“No for sex, she is the highest paid hooker I have ever seen. She makes a killing every night. Is that it?” The bartender wonders.

I am stunned, not believe what I am hearing but I recover and answer “No, I would like a Pina Colada with extra pineapple and my friend here would like an Appletini please.”

“Come right up, that will be $20 bucks” The bartender replies.

“Ummm, one more question,. Are there any of her clients here tonight?” I ask.

“Yeah, a few. Just look for the guys with the deepest pockets.” The bartender whispers to us.

Looking confused we pay the bartender, take our drinks, and take a look around the room.

“It definitely seems like it would be a Crime of Passion. Who knew that beneath all that rich, fancy exterior there was a deep, dark, dirty, secret.” Gus says.

“Lets say we wonder around the room and see if we can spot any deep pockets?” I suggest.

“'So most likely jacket people.” Gus assumes.

“Yeah pretty much.” I agree.

After wondering around the room for half an hour we spot a well dressed man, waiting in line for the bathroom. So we go up to him and I say, “Pardon me, my name is Shawn Spencer and this is my good friend Gurton Buster, and we were wondering if you know where we could find a good time, if you know what I mean?” I say with a wink.

“Sam Jared, and now that you mention it, there is a certain pleasure I use quite a bit. Here is the number for this particular good time, and ask for Trixie Malone, she is the best.” The man responds.

I take the card and give him another wink and we walk away. Then Gus and I say at the same time, “Our work here is done.” and leave the bar with this incredible lead, knowing what our next move will be.

End of Act 2

A Very Psych Wedding

A Very Psych Wedding

Title: A Very Psych Wedding
Author: Glofigs
Fandom: Psych
Characters: Shawn, Jules, Gus, Lassie, Henry, Chief Karen Vick, OC Gus' Girlfriend Maggie, Buzz Mcnab, and Misc suspects
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1045
Spoilers: Takes place two years after the Series finale
Disclaimers: The characters are not mine. They are Steve Frank's. Only the story is mine.
Summary: Lassister gets transferred to San Fran, where Shawn and Jules are engaged. Its the week of their wedding, but something happens and before they know it the team is back together solving the case of the murdered wedding planner.
A/N: Told from Shawn's POV

The big week has finally arrived, the week of my wedding to Detective Juliet O'Hara. When I moved from Santa Barbara to San Fransisco two years ago to be with her, it was the best decision I ever made, and the fact that I get to share it with my best friend in the whole wide world makes it even sweeter. My best man Burton Guster or Gus to most. You might have been wondering how we got back Jules's Engagement ring; It was simple really, all it took was a little of this, a little of that, and a whole lot of Juliet's amazing detective skills and in no time we tracked down the culprit and took him out. Just call us Starsky and Hutch. Now Gus and I run our own Psych business in San Fran, and sometimes we work with the SFPD. Its as if we never left Santa Barbara.

“Shawn, Don't forget we have an meeting in an hour with Sally, the wedding planner, one last time before the big day.” Jules reminds me.

“Ah yes, Sally, sister of Linus. Like I need a reminder, Of course I remember” I tell her. Actually I do need to be reminded. Its good that she is here. Man, I am so lucky.

“Right Shawn” She tells me. I walk over to her, put my arms around her, and kiss her.

“You know, I love you future Mrs. Spencer” I cutely say.

“Thats Spencer-O'Hara to you” Jules says with a wink.

“The Hyphen, really?” I reply. Then Jules turns around, wraps her arms around me, and well, you can guess what happened next.

An hour later, we are at the Roday Cafe to meet with the Wedding Planner when Jules gets a call from Chief Vick.

“Yes Chief, we will be right there” and Jules hangs up her cell.

“What happened?” I ask.

“That was the chief, she said someone was murdered in the back of the Omundson Bar on Balboa Street.” Jules explains.

“Well then, lets go! Let's Cagney and Lacey this puppy!” I enthuse. Then Jules rolls her eyes, takes my hand and we run to the car and drive to the crime scene.

We get to the crime scene, where we meet Gus and when we see who the victim is, Jules and I say at the same time,“Thats our wedding planner!”

“No wonder she didn't show up to our appointment” Jules observes.

Just then a black, familiar looking car pulls up and who comes out but Chief Carlton Lassiter. Known to me mostly as Lassie.

“Lassie! What are you doing here in the city of brotherly love” I shout.

“Its not the city of brotherly love shawn, that's Philly” Gus points out.

“I've heard it both ways” I retort.

“Well, I just got transferred, but don't worry Chief Vick will still be the chief.I took a demotion, so I am Head Detective again! So glad to be back and partnered with you O'Hara, oh and Congrats you two on your upcoming wedding, the invitations are beautiful. All caught up now? Good! Now where is the dead body?” Lassie asks.

So we showed Lassie where the dead body was and explained who Sally was. Suddenly a thought hits me So I turn to Gus and I say,
“Dude, if Sally was such a ritzy lady, then what the hell was she doing in a seedy bar like this?”

“I think its time we sneak inside and see what we can find.” Gus replies

“Let's do this, Come on son!” and we do our famous fist bump.

We find the back door and sneak into the not yet open bar and take a look around.Suddenly I spot a clasped bracelet with a unicorn on it, the same exact bracelet that Sally always wore, I call Gus over.

“Gus! Check this out! It's Sally's bracelet, I know it!”

“So there was a struggle then, someone must have murdered her here and then dumped her body out back.” Gus speculates. We sneak back outside where the detectives are and I go into my ruse. I turn around, jump up and down, shout and put my fingers to my temples.

“Chief! I am getting a really strong vibe from inside the bar, a gold, no! Silver bracelet with some kind of mystical creature on it, a unicorn! and the clasp is broken” I fake sense.

“That sounds like Sally's bracelet, she always wore it when Shawn and I would meet up with he/r” Jules explains.

“Good work Detective and Mr. Spencer! Ok O'Hara and Lassistar, go in and get the bracelet and bring it into the station to be analyzed. See if anyone else has touched it, maybe it will give us an indication on her killer and then come back and interview the staff maybe they know or have seen something.” Chief Vick instructs.

Just then Gus checks his watch.

“I gotta go meet Maggie for lunch, I'll meet you back at the office afterwards Shawn” Gus whispers to me. Maggie is Gus' extremely beautiful and intelligent girlfriend, and she is just as nerdy as he is. In a way, they are actually quite perfect for one another. They met at a Potter-con in town, and have been dating for a year.

“You got it buddy, and I'll call my dad and see what he can come up with.” I reply, and then we fist pump.

End of Act 1